Fall School Spirit Week - Oct. 18-22nd!

We need more fun and smiles given all that’s going on lately! Join us at WNES for a fun week of theme days, surprises, incentives, and special events at school!

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Updated COVID Guidelines for Warwick Neck Elementary School

For parents or guardians with questions regarding COVID procedures or guidelines followed by Warwick Public Schools, find the information you need here.

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Warwick Neck School Vision Statement

Warwick Neck School is a child centered community of life-long learners in which children perform to high standards in a safe and supportive learning environment. Our school reflects the best of educational research and practice and prepares students for the highly technological and constantly changing world. Warwick Neck School is a place where school, home and community come together to accomplish our mission and ensure that all have the opportunity to live creative, productive and purposeful lives.

Our Mission

In order to prepare our children for their future, the mission of the Warwick Neck Elementary School is to increase student achievement by creating a setting that recognizes and encourages the uniqueness and creativity of individuals in a safe, nurturing environment so they will become responsible and productive members of society and life-long learners.