School Administration

School Principal

Mr. Frank Galligan

(401) 734-3480 (Dial ‘3’ when prompted)


School Secretary

Mrs. Kathleen Leamy

(401) 734-3480 (Dial ‘2’ when prompted)


School Nurse

Mrs. Joanne Pfieler

(401) 734-3480 (Dial ‘4’ when prompted)


Title IX Coordinator

Ms. Lynn Dambruch

(401) 734-3011 


School Leadership Team

Tasked with supporting the Principal to better meet the needs of students, faculty, and staff, the Leadership Team meets weekly across two sessions, specifically MTSS and Targeted Team Meetings. These meetings strategically and appropriately discuss, assess, and debrief ongoing strategies for individual, group, and community success at WNS.


Mr. Frank Galligan, Principal

Mrs. Joanne Pfieler, WNS Nurse

Dr. Maggie Korn, WNS Psychologist

Ms. Ashley Gargano, WNS Social Worker

Mrs. Marissa Masse, Intensive Resource Teacher

Mrs. Dana Scolaro, Intensive Resource Teacher

Mrs. Lynn Renzi, Reading Interventionist

Mrs. Marilyn Kelly, Math Interventionist