Thank you to Ms. Ashley Gargano, our school’s social worker, for all of the grade-level classes, small group sessions, and individual counseling opportunities she offers our kids throughout the year. 

We are fortunate to have a full-time social worker (many schools do not have this feature!) and dedicated child advocate on the premises looking out for our student’s needs, especially post-pandemic, on a daily basis. 

Please join Warwick Neck Elementary in extending thanks to Ms. Gargano as we celebrate National School Social Worker Week, starting Monday, March 6th!  

(Ms. Gargano is pictured above, third adult from the left, offering an Apple Cider incentive party in the Fall to Grade 2 as part of her ongoing "School Attendance Matters" initiative.)

Feel free to e-mail Ms. Gargano your words of appreciation or thanks here.

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